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1/4-20 screw extensions

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I was cleaning out the vent fan intake in my bathroom. When putting everything back together I broke off about 1/2" of the screw that fastens everything back together. The head of the screw is inside the fan assembly. I would have to remove the fan and take it apart to get at the screw head, something I don't really want to do.

Do they make 1/4-20 screw extensions? I need about 1/2" extension. I looked around the internet but was having trouble finding anything. Links would be greatly appreciated!!

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Good idea, the first thing I thought of too, but can't picture exactly where you're going to use them so thinking that a coupler like that is probably too long and the treads are probably jimmied where they broke off so you won't be able to get them started. Again though, not getting a picture in my head for some reason, so if they look like they will work they probably will.
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