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1/2" Copper Gas Pipe with 5/8" OD

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Hi All,

I made a rookie mistake and ran a 1/2" copper gas line (inner diameter) that has a 5/8" outer diameter.

I plan on flaring my pipe and using a flare nut, however the pipe won't fit through my 1/2" flare nut.

If I use a 5/8" flare nut, will the threads also be 5/8" ? I need to connect the pipe to an existing 1/2" OD shut off valve.

Is there such thing as a 5/8" flare nut that has 1/2" threads?
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Your not trying to flare hard copper tubing are you?
Is this tubing going behind a wall? Any place I've lived you have to use steel pipe not copper.
Also In a lot of places it's againt the law for a home owner to even work on gas lines.
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