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1 1/4" supply pipe options

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I'm planning my mechanical room plumbing and want to run several lines around and out the daylight basement and around having trouble deciding what material I want to use. I'm plumbing the house supply system in a manifold home run Pex B.

Long term I want to put a cistern up the hill to gravity feed, but do have a well fed in with 1 1/4" pipe, the pump isn't in yet. Lawn and garden are also far enough I want to run 1 1/4" pipe out for that, but the rest of the runs are probably going to be 1" including feeding the water heater and manifolds

Options include:

Old school Copper, just have to pay for parts.. And hope no pin holes happen.

Pex A, few enough fittings I could get away with buying a manual expander. pretty expensive for the fittings in this size especially locally.

Pex B, have to get the crimpers for larger size and not sure how many parts are available locally (websites only show a few brass fitting options.

A hybrid system, maybe a copper trunk and the tees coming off in another material.

CPVC, not really available over 3/4" locally.

What other options are there for indoor use? And what are the opinions on these options? UPC code and will be inspected..
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You'll probably not need more than 3/4" feeds to the water heater and manifold, and beyond in main runs. 1" - 1 1/2" pvc will suffice fine for your cistern supply as well as your garden main runs. You will be stepping down quite a bit, but you want to achieve good pressure, so necking down will help you out in that respect.
Is there a reason black poly isn't an option?
Is there a reason black poly isn't an option?
I've been told black poly is not allowed to have joint's inside it needs to come in and then something else, this from 15 years ago and a semi-reliable source a couple years ago. At this point most the outside underground pipe will be poly. I spent some summers doing sprinklers so I'm good on the outside/underground work parts, sizing, and methods.
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