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1” Gas Manifold

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Hey guys we are starting to run the gas lines throughout the home. We are going to have 6 lines running in total. I have been looking for a black iron manifold with 6+ ports but I have only ever seen them with 4 max.
Question 1 - Can I BUY a 1” Black Pipe Manifold with 6 3/4” Ports on it? Or would I need to buy 2 4 Port units and just connect them?
Question 2 - are there advantages to building a manifold yourself for this type of situation? Are the factory ones better quality or no?
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Re: 1” Gas Manifold

I bought a premade manifold and added the valves to each port myself. Mine has 1/2" ports though. I do remember 3/4" port manifolds being somewhat scarce.

I highly recommend buying a pre-fabricated manifold, otherwise you are going to be fiddling around for ten times as long, and every single joint in that custom manifold will need to pass the pressure test...
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