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03 Escape Drum Brake Question

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Posted this on another board but thought maybe someone here could help...

After almost 100k the rear brakes on my wife's Escape needed to be replaced. Being the good handy husband I am, I told her I'd do them. First time ever doing drum brakes. With the Haynes in hand I got them all done and adjusted. This was Saturday night.

Sunday she takes the car and runs some errands and comes back and says "you have to look at my brakes - the pedal is pulsing and it's making this clicking noise from the back." Pulled them apart on Sunday, re-greased everything and re-adjusted. Have a good firm pedal and the truck stops straight without pulling. We drove it around Sunday and the brakes were performing wonderfully.

Today we go out and the clicking and pulsing is back. Really bad until they warm up and then it gets less until they get hot.

Had her drive around with me in the back with an ear to the wheel area. I've got it narrowed down to the drivers side where the noise is loudest when you stop. Definitely feels like a warped disk/rotor in the pedal with the noise coming from the rear.

So what are the chances of an out of round drum from the factory? These are new Raybestos drums, from Rock Auto. I've got an e-mail to them about getting a new replacement drum but what are the odds that this one was bad from the factory?

Anything else I should be on the lookout for?

Thanks in advance!