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  1. Erie SR-601 Goes to Sleep

    Hi all! Newbie here hoping you all can help me out. I am stuck with a problem. So I moved into a 15 year old house a number of months back and have run into some issues with my furnace and thermostats. My furnace is oil fired, Buderus Logano G115, which has 4 zones and separate hot water...
  2. Water Heater in Bathroom

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    Hi, I have learned that in UK, all electric heaters and water heater in a bathroom must be fixed and permanently wired, according to their code. Is there a similar code in the US? Does US has similar zone 0, 1 and 2 as IEC standard for a bathroom? I tried to find these in NEC but could not...
  3. 2 zone AC very loud

    hello this summer we had the pleasure of having our AC Unit break. so we had to get a new one. as i was doing research i found out that we can zone the AC in to 2 zones. Zone 1 - master bedroom, guest room Zone 2 - kid room 1, kid room 2 the only problem is that when all the zones are on you...
  4. 2 zones on Trane XE80

    Im planning to install a 2 zone setup for my basement and 1st floor. I have 6 ducts opening to basement and 6 opening to 1st floor do i need to buy 6 electronic dampers or 12 electronic dampers ? trying to keep the costs low since these things are EXPENSIVE Can you give me some guidance...
  5. Why wont 2nd thermostat kick on the AC?

    My wife and I recently moved into a new home. During the inspection we noticed some strange wires sticking out of the master bedroom wall. It was discovered that the house, which was built in 2006, was wired for two thermostats, one upstairs and one downstairs. At the time we moved in only the...
  6. Separete Zone for Home Theatre

    Looked through the manual and understand it to a point. Was hoping to get some "polishing" from you guys. Could this be installed to independently control the temperature and CFM of the HT...
  7. convert single to dual zone?

    What is involved in converting a single zone HVAC to a dual zone system using one compressor? Given all my existing parts will remain and no new condenser or evaporators will be added, I assume it will require a baffle/damper to direct the air to up/down/both areas depending on which thermostat...
  8. Pnuematic vs. Electric motors for zoning of house

    I have a 2-stroy house that I want to zone, upstairs & downstairs, because currently the whole house is one zone. I have quotes to have dampers put into each supply line (16 total, 8 on each floor, all 6" lines) from 2 different contractors. One guy wants to use Arzel pnuematic dampers and...
  9. Boiler heating zone not working properly

    I have an 18 month old PurePro Trio boiler with the Trio Energy Manager Plus. Forced hot water heat. Priority is OFF. zone 1: hot water tank zone 2: 1st floor heat zone 3: 2nd floor heat Zone 1 works fine. Zone 2 works fine. Zone 3 has trouble. When it calls for heat, the zone pumps...
  10. Freeze protection in utility room?

    Just had a new Munchkin T50M installed. My only concern is with protecting the utility room from freezing pipes. Living in Alaska it gets pretty cold and the room that the boiler and my older (separate) gas water heater live in is an outside access utility room, about 5 ft x 3 ft, and I know...
  11. One zone/station not working. Help !

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi, I just noticed that one (of total 7 zones) sprinkler zone/station has stopped working. Does anyone has any suggestion about what could be wrong or how do I go about finding the real issue ? Also I have no idea where control valve is in the back yard (where I have the issue). I tried to...
  12. Basement HVAC and radon

    I am considering installing a 2 zone HVAC system. One zone for the basement and one for the 1st floor. How do I avoid recirculating radon from the basement to the main floor? Should I install a second unit for the basement?