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  1. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi everyone:) I would like to square off the patio with cement but there is a big drop. I would guess 10 to 12". What is the best way to do to get this level before I can get the concrete poured? See attached. Thanks for your help, Troy.
  2. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi! I finally finished leveling my small paver patio that our grill sits on. Our yard slopes and it was a real bear getting it to this point. Two of the edges (the left side and edge away from the house) are somewhat elevated above the grass/soil line and I'm not sure how to finish them off...
  3. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    This is kind of a two part question. My wife and I purchased a house and end of the back yard sloped down into our neighbors yard, down about 10 feet, out about 20. We had someone come in and install two terraced retaining walls and regained about 10 feet of yard. We used ecology blocks...
1-3 of 3 Results