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  1. Dog Gate Part 2 Video Is Up!

    Check out this video that displays how to assemble the second half of our dog gate. I appreciate the feedback, share with your friends and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  2. fixing a damaged chair rail

    General DIY Discussions
    So let me start by saying i am a beginner painter and while painting a house a mirror fell and chipped a chair rail pretty good about a quarter inch gouges about four feet apart. can i repair it with some type of wood filler or do i have to replace it all together? thank you in advanced.
  3. Attaching 2x4 to floor beams

    General DIY Discussions
    So, I am wanting to hang a 75 pound MMA punching/kicking bag in the basement. I have attached a bag swivel to a thick piece of wood with the following estimated measurements: 39 inches length, by 7 1/2 width, and 2 inch thickness. This will be hanging on an exposed basement ceiling. My...
  4. some basic woodworking questions

    i am trying to make my own window trim. 1. what is the easiest way (which tool) to make simple (right-angle, not dovetail) finger joints? can it be done with a router? 2. what does it take to accomplish what is illustrated in the attachment? i am guessing the planing should be done with a...
  5. Childrens Play Structure staining gone wrong

    We have a 3 year old play structure I took it upon myself to refinish. I pressure washed it removing the surface stain that was on it, sanded the parts that were chewed up a little bit and began to apply an oil based stain. What I didn't do was make sure I was doing it right. 2 days after...
  6. Best way to paint preprimed doors?

    Hi folks, I am about to paint new six-panel doors for a remodeling project - 5 prehungs and 3 bifolds. All are preprimed, but I've heard that re-priming is still necessary. I plan to use Benjamin Moore Waterborne Satin Impervo (white) for two finish coats on top of one new coat of primer...
  7. Need Help Fixing My Dresser...

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I am new to the forum. Here is my problem... I have a beautiful pine dresser, but I left a drink on it and it bubbled. So now there is a bubble on the top of my dresser. I would like to fix this but I am not sure where to start. This would be my...