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  1. Woodstove door gasket

    I tested a fiber glass rope gasket replacement on stove door and it seemed to fit tightly enough. However, now that I've glued it on to the door, it doesnt feel air tight. I can almost turn the door handle completely around so the new gasket seems less air tight than the one i replaced. How to...
  2. Heatilator Fireplace

    i bought a 70s kit home in 2000 and recently had the chimney relined. the guy told me my fireplace was a Heatilator. it's a metal enclosure inside the fireplace with input and output air ducts, you make a fire inside the metal enclosure, cool air flows in at bottom and gets returned heated at...
  3. Woodstove Platform Questions

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi Everyone I'm in the process of installing a woodstove in my (new to me) home. I've got Terrazzo Tile on the floor, so I realize I don't REALLY need a "hearth pad" or a platform. But i think esthetically, it'll be more pleasing to raise the stove UP a bit. So I have a few options. The...
  4. wood stove air intake

    My Hearthstone wood stove, model Phoenix, was recently swept by a chimney sweep. The first time I lit it, it did not draw suffient air to start. Opening the door gave it air but the smoke all went into the house. My conclusion is that something the sweeper did clogged the air intake. Yes the...
  5. woodstove hearthpad on laminate floor?

    Going to get a woodstove put in in the next few weeks. Where it's going currently has laminate flooring that's still in pretty good shape, so I'm reluctant to cut into the laminate to remove it for hearthpad placement, especially since I may take the stove with me when I move. And because I...