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  1. Carpentry
    Hi all!I am finally getting around to remodeling my 1920's detached garage. I've taken the doors off and the glass out. I'm trying to get the panels in the picture below out. The joinery on these doors is pretty solid using dowels. It's held up for almost 100 years so I'm not sure of the best...
  2. Carpentry
    Kept the wood from one of our daughter's bed. Nice wood from IKEA, not at all sure what kind. Birch or the like? Light in color. So I’m used to making stuff with a bright finish, half the fun for me. And when I sailed quite a bit, I learned how to turn out a good finish with marine (spar)...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    I have a 1931 Sears kit house, and I am working on my basement stairs. Someone put cove base on the risers of the stairs and along some baseboards. I was able to remove the cove base, but the cove base adhesive remains. I am certain the adhesive is solvent-based, and I have tried isopropyl...
  4. General DIY Discussions
    Mold on wood in basement ceiling under bathroom in one floor plank. Mold on ceiling of bathroom. Plan on using clear kilz . Same for the pictures posted. Darn it, I sure hope this webpage is actually active lol
  5. General DIY Discussions
    I'm building a house in Las Vegas and some of the framing wood, 10 or more pieces, are discolored. I'm going to try to attach pictures. Mostly brown, but some speckled black. Mostly on boards that aren't perfect and where the board is compromised. I asked the foreman, but he didn't really give...
  6. General DIY Discussions
    Hello ! For a furniture project at home, I need to tie two planks of wood together using rope. I looked for different types of knots that already exist but I didn't find one that fits my problem (see photo). Do you know of any knots or rope fastening systems that would work (except for straps...
  7. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hey guys, I'm so excited I found this chatroom coz I need some help! I have no experience in masonry, carpentry, or anything like that. I've been learning from my mistakes and it has all been educational but it's starting to cost me a lot. So, I have an old fence and I'm trying to build a...
  8. Roofing/Siding
    I am adding a covered deck and the builder wants to use 5mm underlayment as the soffit board, is this appropriate?
  9. Flooring
    Hi everyone, I need to replace a section of my flooring before sanding/refinishing. Any guess as to what species this wood is?
  10. Building & Construction
    First time poster here. I have what appears to be some rot on the edges of the boards on my deck. Is there anyway to "plug up" these holes, or do the entire planks need to be replaced at this point? I've attached two pictures with the problem areas circled in red. Thanks for your time.
  11. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I bought this house three years ago and I guess the owners previously did a good job of making it look good but this is what my front looks like now. I don’t think the stones were ever done properly or kept maintained properly. my issue now is I would like to replace them and just put wooden...
  12. Painting
    Hello! I bought a table that I was hoping to (lightly) sand by hand and then paint with wall paint. I am told that this is a wooden veneer so I want to keep the sanding to a minimum. Please can someone advise whether it will work to lightly sand it and if wall paint is okay to use? Also...
  13. General DIY Discussions
    Hi, I recently bought a table that I would like to sand down and apply a stain to make it look lighter and a bit more yellow. Please can someone help me to identify the type of wood this is and whether it will to lighten? Thanks so much in advance, Jenna
  14. Project Showcase
    I never throw old materials..
  15. General DIY Discussions
    With a pregnant wife and toddler at home. Thus I’m trying to minimize disturbing the paint as little as possible. The good news is, as far as I can tell, the hardware doesn’t seem to be painted over with lead paint but I know for a fact the door, jamb and casing are. The lead paint is under at...
  16. Building & Construction
    We took out the stucco and plaster in my 95 year old Tudor Revival house because of leaking. We aren't sure exactly where the leaking originated but have found one entry point. My question is do these photos look like all the wood needs replacing or is it just old wood that is still sturdy...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm a jazz musician. And also loves to improvise with materials like wood and iron. please check it out: hope to hear your thoughts🎷
  18. Carpentry
    Hello community, Thanks for having me onboard. I am a newbie. Anyway, I need some help with a small project. First, I am not a carpenter. I teach. I have an idea. I want to make a wood like a papyrus. How do I do this? Thanks. rightly
  19. Building & Construction
    Hello I have hired a contractor to build my home and the framing construction quality seems very bad, they are using old mouldy wood for parts of the frame, cracked pieces and excessive nails in some parts while other parts are lacking nails
  20. Building & Construction
    Hello fellow DIY enthusiasts! I am looking to replace the old 53"x30" windows in my 1940 Florida balloon frame home with 59"x35" newer windows. They are vinyl ply gem 1500 series. Does anyone know of a thin hurricane rated mull kit that will fit two of these windows together? My partner, Henry...
1-20 of 162 Results