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  1. Painting
    Hello, I am a newbie home owner. I have a house that has brown paneling on the walls with unfinished crown molding, wood base trim, and trim around all of the interior doors. I want to paint the paneling as well as all wood base, trim and molding. The quarter round on the wood base is a lighter...
  2. Remodeling
    This may be a really stupid question (but as you can see, my name is TOTALN00B for a reason!). I'm looking at some early Craftsmans in my area that were victims of 1980s decorating, and unfortunately they have all had EVERYTHING inside of them painted in a gazillion layers of the same shade of...
  3. Painting
    Flower bed edging I am getting my house ready for sale and I am looking to make changes to the flower beds/trimming around the immediate front of home. I have purchased (what I call) railroad ties ( 4x4x8's) and cedar lawn edging. The banister on the front stoop and all the trimming on the...
1-3 of 3 Results