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wood siding

  1. "spot Painting over spot priming termite repairs

    My neighbor had some termite damaged repaired. basically they removed / cut out a section of damaged wood siding and replaced it with a new piece. and primed over the bare wood. they also repaired some area my filling with readypatch compound and primed the patch. He wants me to paint only the...
  2. Need Window Help

    Windows and Doors
    Hey everbody, First things first, I'm new to this forum and hoping I can find the answers I need from some folks with experience in these matters. Any help will be greatly appreciated. So, here is my situation; I am currently doing a total bathroom renovation on a small bathroom in my home...
  3. Best way to patch wood siding invisibly?

    Hello all. I took out a window in my 1940s house as part of expanding our kitchen into an adjacent room. Framing and covering it was pretty easy, but now I need to patch the exterior wood siding (see photo). The clapboards are just 1 x 10 boards, with no laps or bevels or anything. I'm going...
  4. Leaking Interiors from Home Additions

    We have an 1890's Tidewater farmhouse clad in wood siding. Several years ago we added on in three places around the original house. When we get very hard rains the water passes through the original siding, down the backside of the siding and into the rooms near where the new roofs meet the...
  5. What kind of wood is acceptable for painted siding

    Building & Construction
    I am planning to paint my house built in 1948, which was sided with cedar panels (currently painted but in desperate need of new paint). The outside corners where the siding meets are covered by metal caps, and they really look awful IMO. I was thinking about ripping the siding back at the...