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wood floors
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  1. Flooring
    I'm working on a project to retro-fit insulation between the ceiling and roof of the finished attic level of a 1920s Center Hall Colonial. This third level attic space is your typical narrow ceiling down the center, with slopes to either side, and short knee walls. The flooring in place is a...
  2. Flooring
    I ripped up the carpets in my house to find some beautiful hardwood floors, I had a family friend help me identify the floor and he told me it looked like different types of woods. The house was built in the 40's, not sure if this was popular then but its the first I've heard of. Anyways they...
  3. Flooring
    I had floor refinished in my house. They were in rough shape before the contractor started and finished up pretty well. A lot of screw and nail holes had to be filled. There are a few holes where the filler must have pulled out during sanding that are now visible. The floor was stained and...
  4. Flooring
    We would like to replace all our flooring with hardwood flooring but are having a hard time deciding what color to go with. We own 4 white shedding dogs and although I sweep and dust daily I do not want the floors to always look dirty. Anyone have success choosing the best color? :huh:
  5. Flooring
    Hi, I own a house built in 1925. It has wood flooring in every room but the bathrooms. In the main "public" rooms of the house it has oak and in the bedrooms it has heart of pine. The house had two floors and this layout exists on both since the second floor used to be an upstair apartment...
  6. Painting
    So, I just bought a house that is completely open concept on the main floor. The house is a log home and the floor seems to be logs.(meaning the top has the look of hardwood and when you stand in the basement and look up you are looking at the same wood) The previous owners had pets that...
1-6 of 6 Results