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  1. HELP! Did I ruin my Wood Flooring!!!!

    I am hoping someone on this forum may be able to advise me on how to go about removing the stain on my wood flooring. I live in an apartment in NYC and I was testing different methods to clean my outdoor cushions. I laid a tarp down in my living room and began cleaning the cushion with an...
  2. Cracks in new wood flooring strips

    Been searching for an answer to this for a while, but can't seem to find anything. This winter the flooring strips in the living room of the house I moved into last summer began to crack and split. This is happening to the entire floor. I'm assuming this flooring was put in last summer and I'm...
  3. How To Fix High Spot in Wooden Sub-Floor???

    General DIY Discussions
    Hey guys, About to install some laminate flooring in my living room. As you can see by the attached photo I have a high spot at a floor joist when the wood subfloor panels come together. I know one option is to belt sand but I'm not sure if that'll work on this one. Any other quick fixes or...
  4. Hardwood damage under refridgerator

    Found major warping/damage under fridge due to leaking water filter. We had already intended to redo the kitchen, including a new fridge and refinishing the floor anyways, so it could be worse... However, we do not want to rush into anything. I am thinking of pulling out the fridge, pulling up...
  5. Make wood floors shine & match.

    I'm moving into my first home and it looks like they shined the wood floors in the common area but not in two of the bedrooms. It's possible this was done with a paint brush but I'm not sure. Any suggestions on how to make the bedrooms match? I've attached a photo of the common area and you can...
  6. dry hardwood floor repair

    How do I repair extremely dry hardwood floors that also have paint on them? It is a rental house and I don't want to make it worse. Should I just put some cooking oil on them? I have been using Murphy's oil soap and it's not helping.
  7. Cannot seem to get wood floor corner sanded

    I now own a belt sander, orbital sander, and a palm sander, each of which now have 40 grit sand paper which barely cut through the layer of varnish on my foyer's wood floor. I was able to get through most of the varnish, but I sat with the palm sander in the corners for 30 minutes and did not...
  8. Old wood floor pulled apart

    So I have what I think are the original wood floors in my 1948 built home, and they look awful. I want to refinish them, but the majority of the flooring in the foyer and dining room, and some of the hallways and bedrooms is pulled apart. I would chalk it up to old house charm, but it really...
  9. New wood flooring over old wood flooring

    I've installed a fair amount wood flooring but never over an existing wood floor. This would be 3/4", glue down over an old 3/4" nail down. Am I asking for trouble?
  10. Termite wood floor as sub-floor

    Hi! I just brought a 60 years old house which I want to put a new floating bamboo floor. The house has old 9x9 parquet hardwood floor glue over concrete slab sub floor. Since my budget is limited, I'm try to float the new bamboo over the old wood flooring without removing the old floor...
  11. Repair bubbles in wood floor finish

    The finish on my wood floors has popped up from my high heels, and I need to fix it! I'm guessing that if I apply heat somehow to melt the finish bubbles, that could work but I don't want to make the issue worse. Image attached of one of the many holes. Thanks for your help!
  12. lease does not permit wood floor, is this a good way round?

    Hi I was wondering what advice any of you might have. I just purchased a flat recently (leasehold and share of freehold), and I want to put wood flooring yet the lease says that I am required to "fully cover and keep covered the floors of the premises with carpet and underlay". I understand...
  13. engineer wood floor @ uneven Slab on grade

    Hi! all flooring experts, I really need some help from you guys. My wife and I are in process of buying our first home. However, the one we are going to buy has some tricky flooring issue, since we are under a very tight budget, we are going to DIY most of it. so, I need some of your opinion...
  14. Sanding and painting front porch

    Our front porch was covered in bright blue astroturf, which we removed. The porch itself is made of two kinds of wood: most of it appears to be thin redwood slats, and the outside edge is slightly wider pine slats. The redwood is old (possibly original) and has paint on it. All of it is covered...
  15. Antique wood flooring

    General DIY Discussions
    Greetings. I recently came across some antique wood flooring planks that are straight edged on all sides. Do I need to have them T&G milled before trying them in my house or can I use them as they are? Thanks for any input, DM
  16. Need help choosing a coating for my wood floor

    I have a pine floor that was installed in the 1950’s. It has been under carpeting almost since it was installed. There are stains in a few spots and pitting from carpet staple and nails. I plan to fill in the larger holes and sand (any recommendations on the grit?) the wood before recoating...