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won't start

  1. Kenmore washer fills but won't start.

    Our six year old Kenmore model 110.29522800 washer fills but will not start. It just buzzes for a few seconds and stops then repeats. If I move the dial manually to the next function it still just buzzes. So far I have replaced the lid switch, direct drive coupling, and capacitor. I also...
  2. Maytag Washer won't fill or start

    My Maytag 5000AWW won't fill (with the lid open or closed), and won't start at all (no spin, rinse, etc.). I've checked that the outlet it's plugged into is working, and I've checked that the water supply is on, and that water is coming out of both hoses, etc.. It seems like the machine is dead...
  3. Toro ZTR Mower Cuts Off!

    I have a Toro zero turn mower that just cuts off after 20 minutes or so of operation. If I disengage the cutting blades as it starts to die, it will usually keep running long enough for me to ride it back to the garage in order to shut it off. Once I do, it won't start again until after...
  4. Amana Furnace Won't Light

    I have an Amana Furnace Model #GUIC070FA30 that was installed in 2004. For some reason it will occaisionally ignore the thermostat and stay off. I know it's not the thermostat because when I crossed the red and white wire, the furnace stayed off. I shut everything off and back on, then it works...
  5. New Compressor - Wrong Charge?

    Recently, our A/C broke. A shorted compressor motor in the outside condenser unit was to blame. It is a Goodman CKL42-1A, which uses a Copeland compressor and we engaged an A/C serviceman who does weekend work to swap it out and get it working correctly. The installation has been less than...