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  1. Electrical
    120v household line. Feed line suddenly lost power. Tenant reports no heavy usage at the time - says she just finished a shower so possible condensation/steam issue caused the short. one gfci in bathroom works fine, no load on gfci just a direct 12-3 yellow feed line into gfci no load out...
  2. Electrical
    After replacing the brushes on my B&D LE750 Type I Edge Hog, I discovered that I could not re-connect the power lead to the trigger switch. An inspection showed that the tiny metal angled bar, that passively grips an inserted wire to prevent it from falling or pulling out, is no longer there or...
  3. Electrical
    Hi - Wonder if anyone can help me with a "strange" circuit situation in my 1970-built single family home (in NY, USA). Broadly, I have: 120V/60Hz suppy, BX cable w/ hot(black)-1neutral(white), generally 14AWG, ground via metal boxes&armor. I am in process of replacing (probably original)...
1-3 of 3 Results