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wiring diagrams

  1. steam boiler

    I switched 2 oil steam boilers , both had 110 volt water feeders on them , the gas boiler is mostly 24 volt , like the low water cut off , Is there a way to hook up the 110 volt water feeder from the old oil boiler to make it operate with the new 24 volt Low Water Cut-off some kind of...
  2. Washing Machine Motor Wiring

    I have a Maytag 1/2 H.P. 120 Volt 60 HZ 8 Amp motor. It has 6 wires, red yellow, white, purple, orange, and black. It is model S68PXMBP-1043. I am going to use it in a project not in a washing machine. Does anybody know how to wire this or what the different wires are for?