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wiring colours

  1. Installing new light fixture (stumped with wiring)

    Hello everyone, I previously had an old light installed in my kitchen and I am now putting up a new light. I have the wires exposed from the ceiling showing two red wires pigtailed. Two blacks pigtailed. Two whites separated (one has a black strip on the insulation.) It looks like I would have 3...
  2. Ceiling Fan replacement- Help please

    Hi, I am new to home ownership, and do work with wires for a living, but all the wires I use are on a stage, and don't go through conduits. I'm hoping the collective minds here can help me figure out my dilemma. one bedroom had a ceiling fan without lights that was controlled with a dial on the...
  3. Kohler Steamer hook up

    I have a Kohler steamer in my shower. It malfunctioned. Kohler told me to disconnect it and ship it back to them. I was able to disconnect the wiring and plumbing and ship it back. I took pictures of the wiring, but I lost the pictures:(. Really stupid! So, I have 4 wires coming in...
  4. Baseboard and water heaters 12/2 yellow?

    I have a situation where I only have 12/2 yellow on hand. Is it ok to use 12/2 yellow wire to hook up baseboard heaters and water heater? Or is it still required that I use only red?:eek:
  5. Washing Machine Motor Wiring

    I have a Maytag 1/2 H.P. 120 Volt 60 HZ 8 Amp motor. It has 6 wires, red yellow, white, purple, orange, and black. It is model S68PXMBP-1043. I am going to use it in a project not in a washing machine. Does anybody know how to wire this or what the different wires are for?