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  1. Electrical
    Hi, I just replaced one of my wired smoke alarms on our top floor with wired/battery back up. Flicked the power back on and the the unit started to sound its alarm as did my other unit on the main floor. 1. Do the two units have to be the same? The new unit is battery back up the other unit is...
  2. Electrical
    I just replaced my door chimes with an IQAmerica Wired + Wireless Door Chime, digital chimes (8). Since I already had a Wired Chime I followed the wired instructions. I aligned and transferred the two wires (Transformer and Front push button). All looked good except when I rang the bell it only...
  3. HVAC
    I rent out the top 2 floors of my house (4 floors in total) and in the tenants' area, I already have a Honeywell thermostat that is wired and on the wall, but I don't have access to it. I was wondering if it's possible to buy one of Honeywell's wireless systems and install that thermostat in my...
1-3 of 3 Results