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  1. Electrical
    Hey, I'm located in Ontario/Canada and I'm in the process of installing some recessed lights in my uninsulated basement. I was going through the electrical code and noticed that in an 8in^3 electrical box, it is only permitted to have 2 wires and 2 wire nuts. I have 3 wire nuts (ground...
  2. Electrical
    Quick Connect, Push In Connector, what ever the different brand calls them, what are you opinnions of them? The few I've been using recently seem to work good.. The only ones carried in my area are the Ideal brand ones... used them to connect my hardwired smoke detector system up made it a lot...
  3. Electrical
    Right now there is a double (single breaker, two single poles) which the bed room and living room (i think) are on. I would like to take the bedroom off that and put it on an arc-fault but nether the hot or neutral are long enough to move any where else. What i would like to do is replace a...
1-3 of 3 Results