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    Greetings! I have a flat roof on a sun-room that was damaged by the high winds over the weekend. (San Fernando Valley, Porter Ranch) It was roofed with Bitumen and it is pretty much intact. One section has blown up onto my main roof. It is not damaged and can be rolled back in place. It is...
  2. Roof Leak When Rain is Wind Driven

    I do not have any useful photos to share yet, but if there is a general rule of thumb about water intrusion when rain is driven by wind, I would appreciate the advice. The home is 11/2 stories with a dormer that is not flat, but does have a slight grade toward the gutters. I had the roof torn...
  3. 1x4 Let-In Diagonal Bracing Alternatives

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    Hi All, I have a question regarding the use of 1x4 lumber as diagonal bracing to prevent racking in un-sheathed walls. It appears that in the building code, when a wall is unsheathed (i.e. uses no plywood or uses non structural sheathing such as foam insulation) then diagonal bracing is...
  4. Want to hook up solar and windmill

    Hello. I have been wanting to get into the whole solar and wind power thing.Currently we have 1 battery a 1000w charge controller and a 60w solar pannel set up.We want to hook up our windmill, it is 600w and we will need around 100' of cable to get from down out flag pole to our room that we...
  5. Metal chimney surround banging noise

    Even on a mildly windy day, the new metal chimney surround makes a banging sound. The wind pushes the side in-and-out, which causes a sound like a drum. Is there any type of brace or support that the contractor can install to prevent the sides from being indented and springing back into place...
  6. Snow in through Bathroom Exhaust Vents

    We live in a three-year-old home in Fargo, ND. We have four bathroom exhaust fans that vent through our roof. Each of them, to some degree, "chatter" and clatter when the wind blows. Even more of a problem is that snow blows in during periods of heavy snow/wind, eventually blocking the duct...
  7. Rollout Switch trip in High Wind

    I have a Ruud 90 plus and I have problems with the rollout switch tripping under high wind conditions. Is there some way I can configure the freshair and exhaust vents to prevent this?