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  1. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi, I'm hoping there are some arborists or tree experts in the forum who could weigh in on whether a storm-damaged tree has a chance at surviving. The white oak in this picture was caught in a wind storm and lost its crown. However, it has a number of limbs, and is much shorter now. A tree...
  2. Painting
    I recently had a home built and the cabinets were supposed to be "paint grade SW Incredible White" The cabinet company switched suppliers and the cabinets were painted with SW Incredible White in a conversion varnish. The cabinets have a pink tint which is very obvious against the millwork and...
  3. Painting
    I've recently started working on stripping and sanding this old, not very pretty, table and I'm trying to think of what I want to do with it after it's ready to be painted/stained/finished. I happened to stumble upon a picture of a table that looked like it had been painted white, but the...
  4. Carpentry
    We are moving into a new home and cant afford a kitchen remodel. I hate the cabinets in there and want to give them a better look. The current cabinets are laminate with a raised white washed wood border. I would like to add crown moulding or frame the insides of the cabinets or add...
  5. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I need to replace some damaged cabinet faces. Does anyone know the company that makes this? It's thermofoil, high gloss white. I've searched the internet, but no luck so far... Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Roofing/Siding
    I need my roof completely replaced. I've received estimates from $7 to $15,000. Finances are tight, and I've learned that the Owens Corning Shasta White shingles qualify me for a $500 tax rebate. I'm contemplating going with the white even though my roof guy says he thinks it looks goofy...
  7. Interior Decorating
    Anyone recommend a white paint for the above mentioned that doesn't fall yellow and warm, or too stark white? I tend to decorate with warm browns, grays, warm blues?:eek:
  8. Carpentry
    Hi, we recently bought some new pine doors (no previous paint or stain) that we are in the process of staining. We lightly sanded the doors before we began staining and wiped them clean with a tack cloth. We stained 3 coats with minwax using a brush two times and a 100% cotton cloth the last...
1-8 of 8 Results