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  1. Tools
    Hi everyone, I have a Craftsman 16 gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum with Built-In Pump, Model 338.17923, and am no longer able to prime the pump that pumps out water from a separate outlet. I ensure the opening inlet deflector is facing the top of the tank, and the pick-up and lid cages are properly...
  2. Remodeling
    Anyone have suggestions for the best dust free wet/dry vac? I have always been a shop vac fan, but recently someone was telling me about a wet/dry vac made by dustless technologies. Anyone tried one, what do you think? It's about time for me to invest in a new one.
  3. Carpentry
    Hello, I just purchased a dewalt dw680k portable planer in order to trim new door slabs. I want to attach a wet/dry? vac to it's exhaust in order to minimize the cleanup and my breathing in sawdust. However the exit port on the planer isn't round (it's oblong) and the last time I saw a vac the...
1-3 of 3 Results