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wet vent

  1. Attic bathroom

    I have a house that is a hundred years old, has a basement, ground floor, and unfinished attic. I am in the process of converting the attic into liveable space and want to add a bathroom. Currently the house has one bathroom on the ground floor. The main drain is of 4" cast iron and runs...
  2. wet vent for two toilets

    my powder room is on the 1st floor directly beneath the 2nd floor bathroom. there is a 4" vent stack running by. i was gonna have the powder room toiled wet vent off of the same stack. i believe this is doable albeit not ideal. was gonna hear opinions. i was thinking of using 4x4x3 Ts for...
  3. Plumbing Vent Size

    We are adding a half bath to the first floor. Lavatory drain is 1.5" and toilet drain is 3". (See attached drawing) Should I connect a vent line directly from the toilet drain to the lavatory vent in the ceiling (red line in the drawing)? If this configuration is acceptable, what size should it...
  4. Basement Suite Plumbing

    I am installing a secondary suite in my basement. However, I need to install a drain for a Kitchen Sink. The attached diagram depicts the current plumbing of the basement bathroom sink (not sure if it is done correctly but was done before I purchased the house). I need to add a drain to the...