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  1. Electrical
    Finally ordered a TIG welder for use in the attached garage. Will need to run a dedicated 240v circuit with 50A breaker for it as per the equipment manual. Would really appreciate some input into the plan. Thinking of using 6 AWG copper wire for a ~6ft run from main panel. Liquid tight conduit...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I'm a retired professional software developer / electrical engineer living on the island of Roatan in the Caribbean. The wife (mathematician / professional software developer) and I have been in the restaurant / food business on the island for 15 years. Covid has changed all the rules. The...
  3. Project Showcase
    Hey folks finished up the railing project between my kitchen and living room. I'm compiling a list of all the fun project i'll be doing once the nation is quarantined!
  4. Electrical
    hey guys I'm new to the forum so if this threads in the wrong place just let me know. anyways I'm an apprentice welder and just bought a 220v max output 180 amp welder. a friend made the recommendation of using a dryer outlet for power but from my limited electrical knowledge it seems like that...
  5. Electrical
    Need power to shed/Man Cave. Shed is 23ft from pole and I figure by time I get in and run the wire to other side I'm lookin at 65feet of wire at most. Gonna run at the most at 1 time would be a 120v welder, radio, and light. I guess welder would be main concern. It calls for a 20amp 60hz...
  6. Electrical
    Hi this is my first post on a forum ever I think so firstly I'd like to say hello to the world. Hello world. Right my query is this: I recently wired up my garage on a sperate ring main to the rest of the house to the consumer unit in my kitchen and put a 32A circuit breaker in incase I...
1-6 of 6 Results