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  1. New Member from Buffalo, NY -

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys and gals, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tom from Buffalo, NY area. I have recently started a website and a YouTube channel with the intent to educate new homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. I am consistently uploading cool project videos and reviews. If you have questions...
  2. Useful Software and Websites

    PC Repairs & Upgrades
    Here's a couple to get this thread started. I know hundreds of sites and pieces of software . The Command Prompt is one of the most useful things on your computer. You can do almost anything you want with it-- INCLUDING things that you cannot access through Windows Settings / Control Panel /...
  3. DIY Website with material/tool links to Home Depot

    General DIY Discussions
    Can someone share some diy project/idea websites that have the home depot links for each material and tool? I want to be able to buy the necessary tools/materials without having to search for them. Thanks
  4. Need Opinion on Repair ... Barter for Website and More

    I am a webmaster that lives in Kendall and have a small leak in my flat tile roof. Willing to build a professional website in exchange for a repair. Including 2-years of free hosting. Best Regards ... Ron