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  1. NM-B 12/2 w/ground through EMT Conduit

    I’ve been searching posts and finding only disagreements about NM-B 12/2 w/Ground cable/wire going through 1/2 inch EMT Conduit. I’ve noticed some people going on about the math, and what I’m doing is about 15 feet inside 1/2 inch EMT Conduit from a non-metal junction box after the NM-B 12/2...
  2. Retrofit exterior outlet options

    Hi all, I'm looking at doing an improvement on my home, I'm in Texas. I have 4 exterior outlets, and the outlets are inside a plastic box, which are attached to the exterior of the home. So there is a 3" box extending from the wall in all locations, and the boxes are starting to fade as they are...
  3. weatherproofing shed near foundation

    Building & Construction
    my shed foundation/slab is completely flush with the ground around it and, to make a long story short, it is not possible to dig a small ditch around to take runoff water away (to preemptively eliminate related suggestions). currently, i have sheathing hung on it but not housewrap nor siding...
  4. outdoor wiring

    Need some help on outdoor wiring. Currently have a typical suburb house with ext. outlet and a standard patio light with interior switch. There is a large pergola just outside on the deck and I would like to have lighting on it. two lights each on two separate/independant switches. questions: 1)...