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water-based poly

  1. Cloudy/Milky Haze from Water-Based Polyurethane?

    Hello, I have a question regarding to the problem when polyurethane finishes with a cloudy haze. I recently built a table, using OSB wood as my top, and painted the entire table with matte black paint & primer (exterior flat, deep base 4300) after a light sand with 220 sandpaper. After that, I...
  2. Water-based poly - how to apply 2nd coat

    I'm putting Minwax water-based poly on the floors tomorrow (just finished sanding them now). The mfctr instructions say to apply the coats at 2-3hr intervals, but then also say to not walk on them for 24hrs. So what's the deal? Should I put on some soft-bottomed shoes and just tread lightly...