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  1. Appliances
    What is my best option to get my washer and dryer closer together? See picture below. We will be getting new washer and dryer when we move in, this is from the sale listing photo. These are the options I’m thinking: Ideal for me: move washer next to dryer under shelves-would need plumber to...
  2. Remodeling
    in a 3-story townhome, would you rather have your washer and dryer upstairs with your bedrooms if they were to be placed in the back of your master walk-in closet or in the basement in an unfinished space under the stairs?
  3. Windows and Doors
    We have a washer and dryer that are in a "hallway" between our mudroom and our kitchen. The "hallway" also contains a half bath on the opposite side of the washer and dryer. We want to enclose the W&D so they are not visible when guests come over. The doors to the "hallway" are both pocket...
  4. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    So, I was wondering how difficult it would be to install a tub/shower where my washer and dryer are now. I know I already have hot and cold water as well as a drain---how close is this to what I need for a bathtub?
  5. Appliances
    My washer will not drain, I have just purchased new pump and replaced it still not working and pump is not returnable ($105.00 grrrrrrrrr). The washer fills up with water and spins but the water will not drain, my model number is WF206ANS/XAC. Is there anything else i can check, im guessing its...
  6. Plumbing
    My washer is leaking during the spin cycle,where should I start? :huh: is it a seal on the bottom somewhere, or is it by my drain tube?...?.?.? thx Ax
1-6 of 7 Results