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  1. HVAC - need advice

    New Member Introductions
    I had the A/C of the condo I recently purchased inspected prior to making an offer on the condo. At that time the technition that inspected it told me the A/C worked, but that it was leaking freon and eventually will need a new capacitor and contactor. At closing I was given a home warranty...
  2. Warranty Unsupported by Manufacturer

    I spent a lot of money on Pentair brand pool equipment for my new pool a few years ago. I bought a package of all of the required equipment to clean and heat an in-ground pool. I understood their products to be of high quality. I have since learned that Pentair will go out of their way to...
  3. Can wood decking be placed over Fiberon crap decking?

    Building & Construction
    We installed a huge Fiberon deck 4 years ago and the deck is now warping and boards are splitting. Fiberon will not honor their warranty and say it is all because of faulty installation. :furious: We meticulously worked with our son who is a contractor and the installation is not the problem...
  4. Roofers pay for co. warranty? Misleading warranties online?

    I recently had a conversation with someone who said he had over 20 years experience as a roofer. He made 2 startling claims: Roofers pay the shingle manufacturer for the warranty for each client's roof (mentioning a $900 fee and/or some % based on s/f). That if I went to a local roofing...
  5. Contractor using dads License

    General DIY Discussions
    We hired a contractor from a referral. Six months after work was completed, the solid wood door he purchased/installed started to shrink, etc. He apparently installed a door that had a warranty requiring a 10 ft overhang which we did/do not have. He never read the warranty on the door or...
  6. How do you keep track of all your appliances documentation?

    I'm trying to find the best way of managing all the papers that comes with major appliances, such as warranties, receipts and user manuals. I like using a lot of different tools in my repairs and DIY projects, that's why I really need to keep track of all of them. Until now, I've been using a...
  7. questions about Timberline vs Cambridge

    Hello, I am newbie of home renovation (ie never did major work around the house). I am about to change my roof and get 2 quotes from 2 different companies. One for GAF Timberline HD, and one for IKO Cambridge AR. The Cambridge quote gets 20% lower than the other, but has only 15 years of...
  8. Trane hvac warranty question

    Hi everyone, I am new to posting on here so I have a few questions: 1. If I have a friend who installs commercial HVAC put in my home system will it be covered under the TRANE warranty? 2. I currently live in the Northeast and have a 12 SEER AC unit and an 80% propane furnace, how much will...