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  1. Building & Construction
    I'm having a house built and have noticed the patio support beam is warped and seems to have warped more over time. Now, it's being wrapped with brick. I was told masonry wasn't meant to be load bearing but not sure that's accurate. Bottom line: Should I be concerned that this beam is so warped?
  2. Windows and Doors
    Bought 2 wooden French doors with glass on kijiji. Installed by carpenter - laundry room doors. 1 door is warped. He installed magnets at top of door but door casing hinges were too low so magnets did not meet. Have tried using humidity & heat from dryer with 2 X 4 to push door in which has...
  3. Flooring
    We have an old 150 year old farmhouse and have been re-doing the kitchen but have gotten stuck at flooring. we removed the vinyl flooring to find thin planks covered with glue.we really want to keep with the farmhouse style but aren't sure if we should keep what we're sure is the original...
  4. Windows and Doors
    I was a landlord for the first time this past year, and I had a couple of surprises when I visited the place to say goodbye to my tenant. The largest being that the sliding glass door barely opened and when it did it would come off the track. I did a little research online, and the general...
  5. Carpentry
    i have very rigorous acceptance standards when buying lumber. i reject at the slightest imperfection and my find ratio is somewhere between 10-20% for 2x4s. but even when i do get 100% straight ones, if i don't use them within ... no kidding, 48 hrs, they get warped out of the acceptable. i...
  6. Electrical
    There is a slight warp in my florescent light panels. It is about 1/4 inch high and about 6 inches long right on the one side. There is plenty of room for the panel. Any way to prevent this?
  7. Building & Construction
    I'm looking for some advice for my father in law who purchased a home just over a year ago (the home warranty is up by just over a week). We're located in canada and he does have the standard 7 year standard home warranty however they claim they do not cover any foundation related issues over...
1-7 of 7 Results