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wall plate

  1. Wall plates for unsightly wires

    Just bought a house/first time homeowner. The previous owner was (we think) some sort of psycho: he'd worked with the developer (he bought it as a new build) to install cameras in pretty much every room. I'm going to take down the cameras and put up wall plates to hide the wires, however, I'm...
  2. In search of an odd outlet face plate.

    I was looking for a way to hard wire a wall mounted hair dryer to an outlet and keep at least one of the plugs available. Is there an outlet face plate with a small hole to run a wire through maybe even in place of one of the plugs? I am the Asst. Manager at a hotel and we have to keep up with...
  3. unknown wall jack / receptical (see pics)

    I purchased a condo a couple of months ago and I since then I have been trying to figure out what the receptical on my wall is used for. My first guess was that it was for a tv antenna. I've since tried connecting a tv and there is no signal whatsoever, this could mean that the antenna is no...