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  1. Building & Construction
    My project is to build three wall-mounted shelves, 12” wide, 6’ long, maybe 1 3/8” thick. One above the other, no visible means of support. My plan is to drill 5/8” holes into the studs and insert steel rods. The shelves will be built like boxes. They will slide onto, fasten to, and conceal the...
  2. Interior Decorating
    Hey everyone - this is gonna come from left field. A friend and I are starting an online print company. Yeah, yeah, yeah... there are a thousand of them, I get it, but our's is going to be better is because: 1. We're partnering with a handful of great photographers and handpicking the...
  3. Blog
    Walls are the biggest surface location in a space. Like a giant canvas, they provide you the innovative freedom to fashion whatever type of area you want. You could make your walls subdued, you may stand out. The very first thing you've got to understand about walls would be the fact that...
  4. Interior Decorating
    Does anyone have cool decor ideas for kids bedrooms? It gets tricky sometimes to create quality bedrooms for kids. Check out this post dedicated to wall decor for girl bedrooms:
  5. Interior Decorating
    So you have multiple color accessories in a room. How can you tie all those colors together? I say Wallpapers and Borders is the answer for you. With the endless style patterns and colorways of today's modern wallpapers, it is easier then ever to coordinate the colors of your room and tie it all...
  6. Interior Decorating
    I was fortunate enough to come across an old, weathered door and would really like to re-purpose it into wall decor/coat rack. The best feature of this door is, of course, the weathered, cracked paint. My concern with this project is doing this without damaging the original paint too much. It's...
1-6 of 7 Results