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  1. The struggle is real!

    Interior Decorating
    Hello all, First time poster here. I'm a single male in his 30's and live in the San francisco Bay. I have a small house that I've been trying to decorate. It's my first time taking on this sort of thing, and I've already made some expensive mistakes. I thought it would be a simple thing to...
  2. I made this Aztec Style wooden stick wall decoration

    Interior Decorating
    Hello, I made this wooden wall art decoration using this kit. Check it out and let me know if you've seen anything similar. Thanks!
  3. Kids room- wall decorations idea

    Interior Decorating
    I found these buttons at Joann the other day called Wuttons. They are so cute! I'm thinking of making a piece of wall art with them and hanging them in our kid's room. Anybody have any other ideas for kids room decorations using these?
  4. How to decorate huge dining room/living room wall

    Interior Decorating
    We want to decorate a huge wall in our house. This wall is part of the dining room and the living room. Would you treat it as one wall or two rooms? What type of art would you hang on it where would you put it?
  5. Am I "over decorating" my rooms?

    Interior Decorating
    Am I "over decorating my rooms"? I just bought a house that has great potential! All the walls are varying colors of neutrals and it looks like it's out of a magazine. I'm so nervous about where and how to hang framed prints. I have TONS of framed art I've been playing with (botanicals, antique...