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  1. Installing paver walkway on a slope

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello! I enjoy DIY projects, but have gotten in a little over my head! I am installing a 30 ft. paver walkway leading up to my front porch. My house is on a slight slope, so to level the walkway, the pavers on the lowest end would be 5 1/4" above the surrounding ground. What would you do? I...
  2. Blue Stone and Paver Walkway Restoration - Help!

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello Gentlemen and Ladies - I have a walkway that consists of Pennsylvania blue stone and pavers. It is very faded and stained and needs some restoration. Any recommendations on how to approach this job and or products to bring it back to life? Pictures are attached. :sad: Thanks in advance...
  3. Repair stone walkway/steps

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello, brand new to this forum, nice to have a DIY group of folks to share thoughts with... I'm pretty resourceful and somewhat knowledgable in areas but landscape and masonry is not one of them. We're staring at the walkway to our home where recently one of the stones on the edge of the step...
  4. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Walkway with Granite

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I am a newb here. I own a mid century modern home (early 1960's) that I am currently renovating. The concrete is end of life and has started to break away in several places. I am looking for some ideas on what I can do to replace the old aggregate concrete walkway. This walkway is quite...
  5. Question regarding concrete walkway and steps

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello, I am thinking about replacing my concrete walkway, and maybe my steps, but I am not sure if the steps are connected/part of my patio. It appears to be a single piece of concrete, but that may be just the stucco that was completed when the steps were poured. Any suggestions...
  6. DIY Walkway Pavers

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hello, I built a *Links to another forum removed
  7. Building Paver Walkway / Rain

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    So I have been working on this paver walkway nonstop for the past 2 days. I ran out of time last night (4 hour rental + ran out of bricks) and have not been able to put the finishing touches on it. I still have about 10 bricks left to cut before I can sand the joints. After this I need to...
  8. Cutting patio stones

    Building & Construction
    Hi all, I'm trying to cut patio stones (the kind that is mostly formed concrete) to fit a walkway. I have so far used a chisel and hammer to to cut the stones. I am successful when I cut the stones straight, but I've had no luck cutting along a diagonal line- the stone crumbles into odd...
  9. Walkway over French Drain

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I installed a French Drain along my entire back of the house (no drain tile below retaining wall). I wanted to put the flagstone pavers back where they came from, but since I can't put crushed gravel over the french drain, I am not sure how to make them level and solid. I have other places i...