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  1. New Member Introductions
    dear friend, I want to protect voltage transformer by fuse. voltage transformer : 6.3kv/110v ac,10vA,cl 0.5+3p i have a fuse with 3.15A ,12kV as you see the voltage rating of both is different is it possible that protect this fuse with voltage transformer? tnx
  2. Electrical
    I moved into a new townhouse with a central vac system roughed in. I mounted the canister in the garage near the PVC stub that was coming from the ceiling. I connected the PVC tubes to the canister inlet. There's one low voltage wire that runs along the PVC stub from the ceiling. I took that...
  3. Electrical
    Hi! I'm a new homeowner and am new to home electrical systems. Lately, I have noticed that my lights flicker, mainly when larger appliances are on in my house. I noticed it first a few weeks back while I was watching TV. I have a Power Supply/Surge Protector on my entertainment center that has a...
  4. Electrical
    hi, last weekend there was a water leak in the house on the main water supply pipe, this pipe is also where the main earth wire for the house is connected. Whilst I was fixing the leak the earth wire became disconnected and at one point I caught it and received a heavy electrical shock. I do...
  5. Electrical
    Hi, I moved into my house about 3 months ago. I work from home and have three battery backup / UPS systems installed for various purposes on different circuits in various places throughout the house. I noticed when that SOMETIMES when the AC unit was running that the input voltage reported on...
  6. Electrical
    why am i getting 110 volt when checking one side, black, of leg? There are multiple plugs and some being GFI's on the same leg. I've opened all receptacles that I can locate on the leg and checked that no wires were reversed, they were all ok. How can this happen?
  7. Electrical
    Hi all, So I was going to do a simple outlet switch, and I happened to notice that one receptacle (on a 4-way switch) had voltage across it even when all the switches were off. I took apart the entire circuit, to find one stretch of 3-wire that, when I connect the black lead to the hot source...