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vinyl window

  1. J trim on aluminum siding

    new windows were installed couple of days ago. the front windows are with j trim. the j trims are not installed flat on the siding. There are gaps on the side & the top portion. They install a vinyl filler at the bottom and it now looks straight. However the side portion warps as well as...
  2. What is "backing support" for vinyl window installation?

    Building & Construction
    Searched the forum a bit and was surprised I couldn't find an answer to this - so I'm making my first post: Just got in a shipment of Jeld-Wen triple pane vinyl windows for my new construction. The house was wrapped very late last fall and otherwise sealed-up, and I sheathed right over the...
  3. I rejected this new window - was it bad?

    Building & Construction
    I recently ordered an American Craftsman Window from HD, a series 8803 triple slider vinyl window. However, when I saw it at the store, it was wrapped in celophane which was missing from the bottom; it had been dragged on the ground. This was obvious because of the dirt, and the corners were...