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  1. Flooring
    Hi Folks, I have a house built in 1968 and in the basement the floor is covered with 12X12 vinyl tile. I had sent the sample for asbestos testing and it came back negative for tile itself however the black mastic on the tile has 6% asbestos. My questions are What is the best way to cover the...
  2. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hello, we are updating our kitchen and dining room with vinyl plank (Lifeproof). The kitchen had a wooden parquet floor that we tore out and the particle board sub-floor had to come with it. We replaced it with plywood (the dining room sub-floor is still particle board). We are to the point...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    My wife and I are replacing some carpet in an addition in our home with Cali bamboo vinyl plack tiling. When we removed the carpet we realized that the subfloor was just a concrete slab. (Most likly the addition was a garage at on point) The carpet padding was glued down on the edges. There are...
  4. General DIY Discussions
    I’m laying vinyl plank in my basement. Pulled up the carpet remnant and found this hiding underneath. Should I just cut a circular hole in the plank and add a drain over to make it flush with the planks? (It sits about flush with the asbestos tiles I’m covering)
  5. Flooring
    I have a 250 s.f. kitchen where I am installing 5" wide luxury vinyl planks. I have 18-24 inches around the perimeter that is from 1/4" to 3/4" lower than the rest of the floor. My plan is to use self-leveling compound. I have removed the old vinyl tiles to expose the luan plywood...
  6. Flooring
    I want to lay a wood laminate with a underlayment in my basement. My current substrate is concrete. I've discovered that in the the size of my space (40' by 70'), I'll need expansion joints. It is all one room and I don't want a ugly expansion joint and T cover in middle of my room to stub my...
  7. Flooring
    If your vinyl plank flooring has been installed at least five years, has anyone experienced problems with separating seams? If so, is that problem easily resolved?
1-7 of 7 Results