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  1. AC fan motor vibration and shutdown noise. Video included.

    Hello, This is my first post. I recently tried my hands at replacing the ac fan motor.(After AC person told me the fan wasn't rotating as freely as it should. And motor would probably have to be replaced soon.) I wish I took notes on how the unit sounded/vibrated before doing this. Long...
  2. Why is my AC unit sometimes noisy?

    Sometimes, usually it seems after it has not been running for a while, the AC unit makes a vibrating/buzzing noise. I've tried to pinpoint what part of the unit it may be coming from, but can't identify a source. If I turn it off with the thermostat and then start it back after a couple of...
  3. Pipe vibration from power vent water heater

    Hello, I just moved into a house that has an AO Smith power vent water heater, and it vibrates pretty terribly when running. I think the vibration is coming from the vent motor. It is right under the kitchen and you can feel the vibration in the kitchen floor (lightly), and I can feel the...
  4. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee vibration while braking

    Automotive Repairs
    I'm about out of ideas. I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. There is a strong vibration when braking from 30 mph or faster. It seems to start in the chassis and continues into the steering wheel and brake pedal until is comes to a stop. It's not a shake or a pulsation. It's fast. It sounds almost...
  5. Trane XL90 slight vibration

    I have a Trane XL90, model TUX100R948001 furnace. I'm hearing a slight vibration when the furnace is running. Other than that it seems to function normally. The red light is flashing fast which is normal. The motor was replaced 13 months ago. Does anybody know what this may be? thank you. Jeff
  6. Too much shakin' goin' on -

    My wife and I bought a house which is only 3 years old. It has the washer and dryer in the second floor, which is convenient. But what we've noticed is that when the washer is pretty loaded up, the spin cycle shakes the whole top floor pretty strongly (really strongly). I can't imagine that...