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venting pipes

  1. Venting

    Hello, I'm fixing up my upstairs bathroom and am wondering how I should go about venting my bath tub drain. Not sure if this is required based on the present configuration (but I think so). Tub is about 5 feet away with good slope and a trap. Presently, there is a trap at the tub that drains...
  2. Basement Bathroom Plumbing for a Rookie

    Basement Bathroom Plumbing Challenge This is my first forum thread as well as my first major plumbing project so between the two I hope to survive and maybe learn a little! I am building a full bath in the lowest level of a 1972 split level home. I am adding a toilet, sink, shower, and...
  3. Type B vent M/F end vertical positioning

    I have a chimney that is used for two natural gas appliances: a 40 gal water heater and a hydronic radiator boiler (approx. 80K BTUs, give or take). The water heater uses 3" type B vent, the boiler uses 6". The two pipes are separated on their way from the appliances to the chimney (approx...
  4. regular->type-B vent adapter

    both my water heater and radiator boiler, both of which are natural gas, have non-type-B exhaust outlets, i.e. regular single wall. since i am supposed to use type-B, i was wondering if i can just get away with fitting type B onto them (which does fit) or does that present some CO hazard and i...
  5. venting radiator boiler through bigger vent

    i am moving my radiator boiler and i mistakenly put the new venting in place using 6" vents. don't ask me how ... i just thought the old vents were 6 also but they were actually 5. so my guess would be, under the bigger heading "the more the merrier" that there won't be problems venting this...
  6. Installing utility sink

    I need to install a utility sink, and this is what I have access to: Could someone tell me at what points to cut for hot/cold, and where to cut/put drain from sink.. any other tips would be useful too! (like how to turn off water lines beforehand) I see with a pump like this: I don't...
  7. Attic Finish/Remodel

    Hello All, I am in the process of finishing my attic. I need to know if: I can move the furnace pipe? - which is almost in the middle of the area which will become a bedroom; I can move the stove pipe? - a little left of center of the bedroom. My hope is that I get 2 yeses :thumbup: and that...