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vent stack

  1. Troubleshooting sewer smell in house.

    Hi, Thanks in advance for your advice. I live in a house built in the 1920's. It has mostly cast iron pipes. PVC under the kitchen and bath sinks. It has one bathroom. We are connected to the city sewer system. I live in Maryland and do not have central A/C. I use window units. The...
  2. How much (if any) water should be visable in a roof vent stack

    Afternoon. I've had an intermittent sewer smell, as posted in here awhile back. I went up to take a look in one roof vent (will have to work on the others due to the steep roof). Took a look and saw no observable blockages, though I did see some standing water ... I would assume there's maybe...
  3. Plumbing mystery?

    My home was built in 1960 and has cast iron pipes. About every 2 months our toilet backs up and we have to call someone out to snake the pipes. We have had 2 different plumbers run a camera through the pipes and neither found any collapse or holes. They both told us to use cheap toilet paper...