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  1. Ditra on glue covered plywood?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    so this bathroom used to have VCT on it, but it popped off real easy, but the glue used for the VCT is still on the plywood. does anyone know if unmodified thinset can be used to put ditra straight on it? or should it be fast setting thinset since the plywood seems a bit sealed due to the VCT...
  2. Sealing new VCT tile necessay?

    I've installed Tarkett/Azrock VCT tiles over a leveled cement floor in a new basement bathroom. This tile was purchased in 2015 for a separate project I didn't use it on. From research there are recommendations to apply a sealer to VCT and recommendations that it is not necessary. I've...
  3. May have messed up sealing VCT

    We have put down two coats of acrylic sealer on our newly laid vct (both products Armstrong brand)--and it is uneven with visible swirls and drips. This is in a small kitchen less than 180 sq ft, is there anything we can do about it? We intend to put down many more coats of sealer, but wanted to...
  4. VCT tile in residential kitchen

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    I have been doing extensive research on using VCT in the home and hoping I can get some solid opinions here. I am going for a retro look (black and white). I have read the manufacturers recommendations on how to maintain VCT, but it is only aimed at commercial institutions. I have read posts...