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  1. A new roof half vaulted, half regular ceiling

    Hello! For a new roof install, half vaulted, no drywall, just exposed beam and rafters. The other half will have 8 ft ceilings, conventional rafter framing. Would it be a good idea either economically or structurally to have a glulam ridgebeam for the vaulted part and a smaller sawn lumber...
  2. Vaulted Ceiling - Insulating & Removal of Ceiling Joists

    Hey everyone. Newbie here. Doing a bathroom remodel. 1 story ranch house, built in 1978, brick exterior. 2000q ft. Bathroom is 8'X13' and sits at the back corner of the home. 2 of the walls are load bearing outside walls. Have questions about insulating the roof rafters, and removal of the...
  3. Mixed advice on vaulted roof ventilation-help!

    Hello All, My first post, so here goes. I have a an A-frame type house, but with curved sides. I'm in western Oregon with lots of rain and things wanting to grow on my cedar shingle roof. The current roof is cedar shingles, over roofing felt, over 1x4 horizontal purlins, over ridged...