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variable speed

  1. Variable speed blower and electric heater in bedroom

    I keep our bedroom warmer than the rest of the house with an electric radiator. I see that variable speed blowers are now very common. From what the technician told me the furnace blower fan never stops. I worry that a variable speed blower would constantly blow the warm air out of the bedroom...
  2. Variable Speed A/C controller + single speed motor

    I’d like to improve air circulation throughout a mobile home AND control air volume by adding both a timer and variable speed A/C Motor controller to the blower motor. Is this an economical, effective, and safe approach? It is an older model Coleman Presidential II (8866A701) oil furnace using...
  3. Help rewiring control system for multistage heat pump

    I recently had a new heat pump installed in place of an old A/C system. It's a multi-stage; Amana ASZ140361 Link to product description Side note.. this IS a multi-stage unit, right!? That brochure is making me wonder. It's paired with a Goodman variable speed air handler AVPTC313714. Link...
  4. Is my new variable speed air handler working correctly?

    Hey, guys. Got an Amana 3-ton variable speed split system installed for the upstairs of the house last week. Fired it up for the first time on Saturday night. With the fan set to "on", I get a nice slow air movement. But as soon as heat is called for, it's like a wind tunnel hits. The way I...
  5. Broan variable speed motor

    I have a Broan #99080349 blower motor that came from a cook top downdraft blower. It's variable speed, but I no longer have the speed controller. I'd like to use this motor in a home project, and I'd like to make it variable speed. The cable from the motor has a normal 3-prong, 120-volt ac...
  6. Grundfos Circulator with Vaiable Speed Control

    Hello, this post is a result of many hours and days of trying to find an answer: is my Grundfos Circulator UP 26-64 F/VS with variable speed control supposed to make the noise that it is making? I am looking for anyone out there that had experience with Grundfos Variable Speed pumps - someone...