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  1. Copper pipe through vanity electric box

    Hi there. So, I'm changing a vanity light fixture, and discover that the builder/previous owner cut the electrical box to allow for a copper pipe to run through it. See photos attached. First, is this ok? Second, any suggestions for how to replace? Should I try something similar with an old...
  2. Bathroom ALMOST done, need help with shelves!!

    Interior Decorating
    Hello all, re-did my bathroom, ground up. new shower, tile, everything. im a little short on space because of my new cabinet, i didnt want to keep a tall wall cabinet. i want exposed shelves that will hold towels/toilet paper?? i dont know.. . please suggest anything you think would...
  3. Lamp cord instead of hard wiring vanity lights

    Hi all, I wanted to brighten up my relatively dim bathroom and thought to put up a vanity light bar. That particular vanity bar is meant to be hard-wired, but I don't have the tools, knowledge, or permission (I'm a renter) to do that. So I thought it would be easier to buy a lamp cord with a...
  4. Stuck on small bathroom sink supply lines (Going from ground up)

    Hey everyone, I am lightly remodeling our upstairs bathroom which is quite small. The original people had a almond colored pedestal sink. I had to remove it to paint properly and we decided to just get a normal vanity with cabinet as we didn't have any storage inside the bathroom. I purchased...
  5. Vanity Wall Light - How Close to Ceiling?

    I am installing a bathroom in my basement and the ceilings are low and are drywall. We are beginning to design it and want a light above the vanity mirror. The light will be wall mounted. What is the minimum distance from the top of the light to the ceiling that is permitted?
  6. HVAC vent under bathroom vanity?

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I found some excellent posts here on whether or not you need a duct in enclosed space under a vanity. In my old (1981) vanity, that I just removed, the air came up from the floor into the enclosed space under the vanity then out a vent in the toe kick -- no duct, it worked great. But my...
  7. Need help with no eletrical box in bathroom

    We went to change out the fixture in the bathroom of our 48 yr old home and there is no electrical box. There is a sliding bar/brace in it of some kind as shown in the picture. No new light fixture will attach to it. What can we add without tearing holes in the wall? Pictures and details would...
  8. Bathroom Vanity - obstructed drain install

    Hello all. I need your help. I have asked everyone I know and nobody seems to have a reasonable answer. Here is my problem. I really hope you can help... I am replacing the bathroom vanity as part of a remodeling project. The new vanity has access only from the back and the front is solid with...
  9. Modifying stacked bathroom plumbing

    I'm in the process of putting new vanities in my 2 bathrooms which are stacked on top of each other. The water plumbing for the bottom bath comes through the floor where I would prefer it coming through the wall. The upstairs bath comes through the wall already. The runs to each are 1/2 copper...
  10. Mounting a really heavy floating vanity properly around plumbing.

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hey, All. I did my best to find a similar situation with search but no luck. I am trying to create cross-bracing to mount a 200lb stone floating vanity/vessel. I cannot even see a way to insert an angle iron here. Please see my photos here: Any advice...
  11. Wiring Scheme for Bathroom Vanity Lights

    I am making some changes to lights over vanity area and ran into something that raised a couple of questions. There are currently two vanity fixtures, each fixture has approx. 200watts, and the original wiring had two (one for each light fixture) separate cables and separate wire paths through...
  12. How to remove cultured marble bathroom vanity countertop

    Building & Construction
    I will be replacing my existing cultured marble bathroom vanity countertop with a new cultured marble countertop. I am not replacing the vanity; it is brand new. So first I need to remove the existing countertop without damaging any of the vanity wood. The countertop is not screwed into the...
  13. Install baseboard over/around existing trim of bathroom vanity?

    I am replacing old 2" baseboard molding in my bathroom. The new baseboard is 3-1/4" and thicker / less flexible. My vanity cabinet already has some 1" flat molding running vertical between the cabinet and the back wall - problem is that this flat molding runs all the way to the floor (Photo...
  14. Bathroom light placement problem

    I am in the process of replacing my old bathroom vanity bar light with one that has a single, smaller point of contact with the wall. The issue I have is that the place where the new light should go to be centered on the sink is right where a stud is. There isn't a mounting box, so I need to...
  15. Seeking help on choice for Natural Granite Countertops

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hey Guys, We have recently been looking into remodeling our bathroom and were looking for a granite vanity top for our bathroom. I have seen many displays/samples of cultured marble and various other discount options and they just don't feel right to me. I am looking for something with much...
  16. DIY Chrome/SS Tube Bathroom Vanity

    Does anyone know a source for the fittings --- or fittings similar to those pictured --- which would make possible my home construction of a vanity frame?
  17. Vanity backsplash 1" from wall

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I have mounted this vanity as close to the wall as possible without remving any base moulding. There will be a gap of about 1" between the back of the back splash and wall if I go ahead as planned. I mounted a 2 x 4 behind the vanity and it is securely attached to the wall. I'm confident that...
  18. Granite vanity sealing question

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Heyo :jester: .... installed this granite vanity top stock from HD in the bathroom reno, as you can see in the description it is "sealed for added extra protection." I double checked with the dudes in the store (I know, I know..) too. All installed, hooked everything up, and bathroom is now in...
  19. Vanity Tight Fit

    After much consideration I have purchased a 36" Thomasville vanity to install in an ensuite alcove away from my enclosed shower area. The alcove measures 36" in back corners but only about 35.5" at the front right shallow wall where the drywall corner bead sits. As teh left wall runs beyond the...
  20. How do I enlarge the vanity faucet holes

    General DIY Discussions
    Over the weekend I was going to install a wide spread faucet handle set into a new Crane Plumbing Silkstone vanity top. The holes for the faucets are 1-1/8" the main portion of the faucet is 1-1/4". Called Crane...and absolutely no help. Before I attempt to enlarge the holes, has anyone here...