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  1. Bath exhaust fan/light combo and vanity light help

    I currently have two toggle switches in a small 1/2 bathroom. switch 1-operates the sink vanity light switch 2-operates the bathroom exhaust fan. I would like to change out the bathroom exhaust fan for an exhaust fan/light combo. Is it possible for me to have: switch 1-operate both the vanity...
  2. Vanity Fixture Missing Hardware, help

    General DIY Discussions
    I got a vanity for a gift last Christmas but haven't gotten around to tackling the bathroom remodel till now. I had never changed a vanity light so when I opened the box back then everything seemed fine. But now I'm doing a little research and realize I don't have any of the mounting hardware to...
  3. Replacing bathroom vanity light bar

    I have never changed any wall-mounted light fixtures before, but I plan on replacing the vanity light bar in my bathroom. My question: Are there any problems or dangers in changing from a traditional chrome 4 light bar that uses G-25 bulbs to a 3 light vanity or 4 light vanity fixture that uses...