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  1. Painting
    I want to paint my detached garage with Valspar's 100% acrylic ULTRA semi-gloss bright white interior paint during the next 24 hours. Valspar recommends painting when air, surface, and paint temperatures are 50-90 deg F. The weather forecast predicts temperatures between 34 and 46 deg F and...
  2. Painting
    Painted buffet with Valspar Furniture Paint. Cleaned with vinegar and water, Sanded, primed with Gripper, painted four coats of paint with overnight drying and sanding between coats. Paint is scratching off. What did I do wrong and what do I do now?
  3. Painting
    With Aura, Duration, Cashmere and the such being around $60, don't know why I felt insulted when Valspar introduces a paint to compete at $44 (Lowe's and Ace), but I was. :glare:Guess I felt that the whole spectrum of consumer paints would move up to that price point for the so called top-of...
  4. Painting
    Just painted my guest bathroom today. It was more like pushing glue around. The coverage was terrible. Trying to cut in with a Purdy Nylox 2' brush was impossible. Covering a prior eggshell finish. Took the time to clean the walls with tsp too. So disappointed I just wasted $30. Will be going...
  5. Painting
    This post is for all the homeowners out there ... especially Texas homeowners ... who are searching through the online paint forums and are confused by the wealth of opinions out there about what brand of paint to use on the exterior of their home. Ya know ... an old adage comes to mind...
  6. Painting
    ok so ive been painting rooms in my house the last week, did first room with a benjamin moore flat finish paint...primed the walls, and 2 coats of paint looks starts my problem..due to the fact i had a 20% off purchase coupon from Lowes, i went there got a bunch of stuff i needed for...
1-6 of 6 Results