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  1. Plumbing
    I had an issue with Vacuum-assisted toilet. The problem was someone left the bottom plastic cover on the wax donut. The toilet crushed the plastic, and shrunk the outlet circumference. I installed a new bare donut, problem solved. No more clogging. If it's a donut with rubber liner, it's to be...
  2. Electrical
    Right out of the gate...sigh. bought a new vacuum today. Was so excited to suck up all my dog hair, I didn't pay attention to the part about don't pull the cord out past the red mark. (There's a red mark?!) After I sucked up enough hair to make a beagle-extremely satisfying, I went to put the...
  3. Tools
    Does anyone know what the maximum size battery that will physically fit in the Milwaukee 2.5 Gallon Vacuum model # 0970-20? Is it the 8 amp? 12 amp?
  4. Appliances
    Trying to figure out what motor i need to buy (It is a Shark Rocket HV321) I disassembled the motor, and found that the bearings and motor were quite rusted. Motor was making a ridiculously loud screeching noise, so i figured it needed a replacement. At first i wanted to replace just the...
  5. HVAC
    Hi, I was wondering about what is the difference between -20 psig and -30 psig vacuum. Why is it such a big deal to let the ac manifold gauge shows the vacuum down to -30 psi after turning off the vacuum pump and before charging the refrigerant??? Is it because there is still air inside the ac...
  6. Painting
    I moved into a home that has many old parts to it. It is in a neighborhood where I used to live. My old house had lead paint. I am going to assume my new house does too, as they were all built the same way. My question is this: I have lots of little DIY and Pro projects that I would like to...
  7. Electrical
    The overhead lights come on when i plug in the vacuum, at my business. The lights only come on when the vacuum is plugged in. They do not come on when i turn on the switch.
  8. Insulation
    I have a cement block house in Baja, with no insulation. Winter temps range from the 30a at night to the 60a during the day. The house stays very cold all day. How do I insulate it?
  9. Electrical
    I moved into a new townhouse with a central vac system roughed in. I mounted the canister in the garage near the PVC stub that was coming from the ceiling. I connected the PVC tubes to the canister inlet. There's one low voltage wire that runs along the PVC stub from the ceiling. I took that...
  10. HVAC
    Hi, I have a Fujitsu mini split AC and the condensor is installed on the roof. The roof will be redone shortly and I need to remove the unit for them to work. My unit is working fine, Can I unplug it and replug it afterward by myself? Do I need any special device like a vacuum pump or can I...
  11. Building & Construction
    I just got a central vac unit and our house is roughed in. As I was hooking it up I relized the top floor is hooked up to the garage (where the unit is). The main floor outlet goes directly to the basement. The two outlets are not connected so I spoke with our builder about it and they said I...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I am new to this forum and hope to learn a lot on home improvement. There are several projects I will be working on during the next year. Thanks! Vac Lady
1-12 of 12 Results