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underground wiring

  1. Underground Wiring Project

    Hello, I'm hoping someone out here can help me with this project. I have an outside area that I would like to put some outlets in. I have attached a diagram. I would like to hook this all up to a large generator (there is no other electrical power available) and then be able to use the...
  2. 100 amp Wire or Cable choices for Underground Conduit

    I'm trying to feed a 100 amp subpanel in my garage from my main service panel. My original idea of routing SER cable above-ground to my subpanel isn't going to work so I've decided to route the line underground in conduit, probably rigid conduit. I'm a little overwhelmed with the myriad of...
  3. Outdoor Underground Wiring for Solar Energy System

    Hi, I recently purchased a solar panel system for installation at an off-grid cabin, and am having trouble figuring out what gauge wire to run from the energy source to three separate outdoor outlets. My system runs off of two 12v deep cycle batteries that flow through a DC/AC inverter, which...
  4. Wiffle Ball Field Lighting

    Hi, my name is Brian and I am the owner of Bassett Woods Wiffle Ball Park and for the 2012 summer, I want to add lights! Unfortunately, my field is quite far away from the nearest electrical source (about 200'). The lights I want to use are the Craftsman portable worklights that support a 500...
  5. Buried Utilities - Electrical / Cable / Fiber Optic

    I am planning to build a home in a rural area in West Virginia. I wish to have all my utilities buried. This includes; electrical, telephone, cable (TV), and fiber optical cable (for future use). The 'run' from the nearest power line is 300'. Can I bury all the utilities in one trench? Can they...
  6. Running Under ground wire

    I currently have a wire running from my power supply to my barn/workshop via power poles. I want to try to run it underground, but I am not sure what it the best way to run it and what to run it with. One plan was to run it through the attic and down through the garage to the east side of...
  7. outdoor wiring, electical outlets tripping

    in the backyard there are three outlets. the first one has always worked. the other two did not (when we bought the house) we took off the face plates and found out that there were two sets of wires not connected. we assumed these went to the other two outlets so we connected them. This tripped...