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  1. Under Cabinet Outlets

    We want to put some under cabinet outlets in our kitchen. That way the area for the backsplash can be uninterrupted. We found these outlet boxes at Lowe's: We...
  2. Hard wired LED under cabinet lighting

    Hi all, We are in the process of closing a new house. We had the builder add rough-in lighting for under the kitchen cabinets. This basically consists of one switch together with three runs of wire to attach a total of three lights under the cabinets (all controlled by that switch). I've found...
  3. Cold air between floor and subfloor when furnace running

    Hey guys....this has been a ridiculous thing to wrap my head around, and is making me crazy!! So...been dealing with freezing pipes in my kitchen sink. I cut open the bottom of the cabinet for access. The pipe from the taps are the plastic flexible type, which then connect to copper. This...
  4. Wireless remote switch for LED undercabinet lights

    I recently replaced all the halogen undercabinet lights in my kitchen with LED pucks. In my old setup, the switch for these was located in a random spot (thank you some electrician from 1953) and I installed a Heath-Zenith remote receiver switch in place of the regular one and put the remote...
  5. Under cabinet lighting - DE-KOR

    Usually don't post anything, but I tried to give a review for under cabinet lighting purchased by DE-KOR. The reviews on the contractor's blog were mostly negative. However, I only have praise for these lights. I spent many hours craning my neck to put those pucks up and changing the little...
  6. How to install LED strips to a Lutron dimmer with Magnetic transformer

    Hey guys, first post here.... I have been making DIY vids for my LED business and come here for advice, but have never posted. I want to share this install video. Hope you like it!
  7. Under Cabinet Lighting -- Where to put transformer?

    I'm doing a kitchen remodel right now and trying to set up the under cabinet lights. I'm using xenon low voltage puck lights, which I want to hard wire to a light switch. The lights I've purchased connect to the 14 gauge wire with a transformer, then low voltage wire runs from the transformer...
  8. LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Go On and Off

    Hello, We have under-cabinet LED pucks that were installed a year ago. The lights work, but periodically one or more of the lights will arbitrarily go off. Each puck has a switch on it and when I toggle the switch off and then back to on the light comes back on. But it will eventually go out...